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This article Is for educational purposes only.

Now many of you have been asking me how you can access the dark web. So in this article, I’m gonna be telling you guys about the dark web and how you can actually go there if you want.

Now first things first, there are three layers of the internet. You have the surface web, you have the deep web, and you have the dark web.

1: Now the surface web is where you have the Facebooks, the Google. You have your search engines, you have your blogs, all those things are all in the Surface Web. Things that you can browse, your TikTok, your Instagram, all those things are in the Surface.
So you can see them, you can access them, you can browse them, okay?

2: Now after the Surface Web, you have your Deep Web. Now things like your banking app, right? Your banking app, things like your Gmail login portal, that’s where you view your emails, right?

Things like your personal WhatsApp, where you read your messages. All those things are in the deep web. It’s only you that has access to it. So all those things are in the deep web.

Things like bank portals, government portals, all those things are all in the deep web. Somebody cannot really see them easily.

3: Then you have lastly the dark web. Okay. Now the dark web are websites that are actually encrypted. Okay? And they don’t end with.com, they end with.onion. So instead of you have facebook.com, you’re going to have facebook.onion. Okay?

That is one of the difference between a normal web website and a dark web website. They all end with the extension of.onion. Okay? onion. Now how do you get there?

First thing you want to notice is that Browsing on the dark web is not illegal. Many people think it’s illegal, but browsing on the dark web is completely legal. The dark web itself was built by the US Navy.

Okay, they built it to be able to send information across to each other, that’s why they built the dark web. It was built by the US Navy. So it’s not illegal to browse the dark web. You can visit it, you can browse it.

Now what is illegal is this. If you go to the dark web, are you Purchase any illicit item there That is illegal if you go there and you buy anything that is that is not legal that will that will put you in trouble Okay.

Now second thing I want to make you understand is that if you think you go to that way by you can buy Drugs or you can buy guns. It’s not possible to do that anymore Okay.

This is because most people out there who are selling drugs and guns are actually scammers and some of them are even agents of The US government so you can’t really buy anything illegal in that web anymore.

It’s not possible! What people use that web for is mainly Investigative journalism for example, let’s say you want to buy classified information Maybe information about the government maybe you want to buy information about the Nigerian government or something that happened in the Nigerian Sector or any country you are going to see people who are going to be willing to sell you very high-level information if you are a journalist

So for journalists, that web is usually where they go to, to source for a lot of very, very highly classified information. Okay? But you can’t buy drugs, and you can’t buy guns there, and you can’t buy all those things you see in movies.

It’s not really that possible, because most of the people who are selling those things there are mainly scammers. They’ll just collect your Bitcoin, or collect your Monero, and they won’t send you anything. So it doesn’t work. That doesn’t work at all.

You can also buy softwares and tools there. Okay? But the thing there again is that buying a software is not illegal as you can say But what you use the software to do can be illegal.

So even if you’re buying anything from the dark web, that thing you are buying, the purchase of it might not be illegal because maybe you’re buying the software But if you use that software for illicit activity, Then that makes it illegal.

Because there are people who buy softwares and use them for good reasons There are those who buy it and use it for bad reasons as well.

So how do you get to the dark web?

1: The first thing you want to do is you need to get a VPN. Okay, this can be any VPN that you use out there. I would recommend you use a VPN that is not made by an American company.

But you can use anyone you like to. This is just to mask your IP address. It’s not going to give you anonymity. It’s just going to mask your IP address on the surface level. Okay?

And then next thing you want to do is you want to get a Tor browser, right? Go to your app store, your Play Store, or your web browser and download the Tor browser. Okay?

Now when you download the dark browser, there are a few websites that you can use to access the dark web. And if you go and search on google on dark browser, it’s not going to give you anything.

So the two main websites you are going to use are the hidden wiki and you can use doggo dog browser.

Doggo dog browser allows you to search for things within the dark web.
The hidden wiki is like an encyclopedia where you can see a lot of websites. The hidden wiki is what people really use people who are new on the dark web. That’s what they use to find their way around on the hidden wiki you will see countless number of websites that are just there and when you see them.

You can just click on them and enter them and see what they these websites are usually very very poorly built because they are just for a purpose and notes remember you can’t buy drugs you can’t buy guns you can’t buy any of those things it’s not possible to do It.

So with that being said, proceed with caution. When you are in the dark web, it’s like you are going to a dark street corner. Okay, have you ever seen those, if you’re somebody who grew up in the streets, there’s always that one uncompleted building somewhere where they sell drugs, where bad boys usually hang around. If you go there, what are you looking for? You know, you have to be a reason for you to go there. So it’s either you’re a journalist or you’re somebody who is looking for something.

So go there, browse, explore, learn new things because there’s a lot of information that you wouldn’t get on a surface web that you get in dark web. A lot of very very vital information that you will get on a dark web. So go there, learn new things and become smarter and just use it for educational purpose.

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Remember this article is for educational purposes only.

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