Africa Takes Drone Manufacturing Industry to Another Height 

Africa Takes Drone Manufacturing Industry to Another Height

Africa Takes Drone Manufacturing Industry to Another Height 

As demand for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) rises across various commercial sectors, the local drone manufacturing industry in Africa is experiencing significant growth. Startups and governments are increasing production within the continent, contributing to the expansion of this innovative market.


South Africa’s successful test flight of the Milkor 380, a powerful UAV capable of carrying heavy payloads, has sparked a surge in local manufacturing hubs. Recent developments in Nigeria and Morocco highlight this trend, with the emergence of new facilities and groundbreaking technologies.


In February, TerraHaptix, a Nigerian technology and robotics startup, unveiled a state-of-the-art drone manufacturing facility in Abuja. Spanning 1,400 square meters, the facility is dedicated to producing autonomous drones for various industries, including defense, energy, logistics, agriculture, and mining.

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TerraHaptix’s flagship product, the Archer, launched in March 2024, showcases Africa’s prowess in developing cutting-edge UAV technology. The company manufactures all drone components in-house, ensuring quality control and innovation across the board. With projections of up to 10,000 units annually, TerraHaptix aims to meet the growing demand for UAVs in the region.

Africa Takes Drone Manufacturing Industry to Another Height 

Meanwhile, Bluebird, a subsidiary of Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), conducted the first field test of its SpyX suicide drone in Morocco. This milestone underscores Africa’s role in advanced drone manufacturing and highlights the continent’s potential as a hub for UAV production.


Beyond military applications, the demand for drones in Africa is driven by various sectors, including conservation, agriculture, and healthcare. With the global drone market surpassing $43 billion in 2024, Africa’s share of the industry is poised for substantial growth.

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In South Africa, the value of the small drones sector alone is projected to reach $134.5 million by 2025, driven by demand from conservation efforts, agriculture, and healthcare initiatives.


Countries like Malawi have embraced UAV technology for wildlife conservation, demonstrating the diverse applications of drones in safeguarding natural resources. Additionally, international players like China, Israel, and Turkey are actively supplying drones to African nations, further stimulating the continent’s drone industry.


Recognizing Africa’s potential, global manufacturers are investing in local manufacturing facilities. Ondas Holdings and American Robotics have partnered with Moroccan technology company Maghrebnet to establish drone manufacturing and sales operations in Morocco and Senegal.


In Rwanda, Charis UAS secured a significant investment from XM2 Earth, signaling the expansion of drone manufacturing across the continent. Rwanda’s efforts to develop its drone industry exemplify Africa’s commitment to innovation and technological advancement.

As more countries invest in local manufacturing capacity, Africa’s drone industry is set to soar to new heights. Initiatives like the drone assembly and testing centre in Botswana underscore the continent’s ambition to become a global leader in UAV technology. With innovation and investment driving growth, Africa’s skies are indeed limitless.

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