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7 Websites That Will Pay You To Work From Wherever You Want

1: Literably.com: Work from wherever you want as a Transcriptionist. Your job Is to listen as a Chinese student reads aloud. You must be able to type and identify their errors and also assess their reading skills. The Pay Is $10/hr

2: FancyHands.com: Sign up for a free account and get access to a list of different types of virtual assistant jobs. Simply log In, claim available tasks and complete them. Pay ranges from $8-$12.

3: PearsonAssessment.Com: Get paid to score tests from anywhere you want. You must commit at least 20 hours of work per week. Pay ranges from $11-$15

4: Studypool.com: This Is an Academic website where you can provide homework support for students. You can work from anywhere you want. It requires applicants to have a college degree or to be currently enrolled in a University. Pay Is $4 per hour.

5: Parameds.com: Get paid to retrieve medical records. You can work from Monday to Friday depending on your chosen time. Pay starts at $9 per hour.

6: CallSource.com: Be a DealSaver whenever you want by listening to a recorded phone conversation to check lost deals. You must be committed to reaching the daily or weekly quotas. Pay Is $12 an hour.

7: TimeEtc.com: Work as a Virtual Assistant on TimeEtc.com. You Can work anytime from Monday to Friday. You can also commit to a minimum of five hours a week. The Pay Is undisclosed.

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