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Monitoring bowel movements is crucial for maintaining digestive health. Here are the top 5 poop tracker apps for Android devices:


PoopLog allows users to track their bowel movements, including details about stool type, color, and consistency. It also offers reminders and health tips.

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Bowel Mover Pro:

This app provides a comprehensive platform for tracking bowel movements, symptoms, and dietary habits. It includes charts and reports to help users identify patterns. Read Also Android Apps to Sell Gift Cards in Nigeria: 2024 Edition

Cara Care:

Cara Care offers a holistic approach to digestive health, including a poop tracker, diet log, and symptom diary. It’s perfect for users managing conditions like IBS.

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Poo Keeper:

Poo Keeper is an easy-to-use app that tracks the frequency and quality of bowel movements. It offers visual statistics and data export options for sharing with healthcare providers.

Happy Poop:

Happy Poop gamifies the tracking process, making it fun to monitor bowel health. Users can log entries, set reminders, and track progress over time.

These apps are essential tools for students, health enthusiasts, and anyone looking to improve their productivity and health. Download them today to start optimizing your daily routines.


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