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NCC Releases List of Approved Phones in Nigeria as Tecno Brands Lead

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The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has released an updated list of approved mobile phones for use in the country, with Tecno brands leading the pack. This move aims to ensure consumers have access to quality and safe mobile devices.


Key Highlights:

Tecno Dominates: Tecno mobile phones are prominently featured, reflecting their popularity and reliability in the Nigerian market.

Quality Assurance: The approved list ensures that all listed devices meet the necessary standards for performance and safety.

Consumer Protection: This initiative protects consumers from counterfeit and substandard phones that flood the market.

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Benefits of Buying Approved Phones:

Reliability: Approved phones are less likely to experience hardware or software issues.

Safety: Ensures compliance with health and safety standards, reducing the risk of radiation and other hazards.

Support: Access to customer service and warranty, providing peace of mind for buyers.


The NCC’s proactive approach in curating this list is a significant step towards enhancing consumer trust and ensuring the proliferation of high-quality mobile devices in Nigeria.

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