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I just found my new favorite AI tool. It’s called Oasis. All you have to do is speak into it, like you’re talking to a friend, and Oasis will edit your speech into several useful formats at the same time.

For example, you might need to respond to an email from your boss, and you can kinda just talk through what you might wanna say, and Oasis turns it into a super professional email.

Or maybe you have the start of a great content idea. You can kinda just ramble through it, and then pick blog posts, LinkedIn posts, Twitter thread, and TikTok script, and it will create all four at the same time, customized for each platform’s tone and style.

For me, I love coming up with business ideas, so I can literally just talk through one and get a summary, outline, Twitter thread, and to-do list all automatically, just from a brain dump.

The process of casually speaking and then getting properly formatted text back is magical. Try it out on your next long walk and let me know how it goes.

Watch The Video Tutorial Below For More Details 👇

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