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How To Get A USA Phone Number That Works Every Time For Your International Businesses And For Your Travel Needs.

I’ll also show you how to activate WhatsApp using your new USA phone number. To get this new USA phone number, you need to;

— Download the Numero app on the iPhone App Store or the Android Google Play Store

— Sign up or sign in if you already have an account with Numero.

— Click the button that says 1 to 3 phone numbers,

— Then click social media numbers.

Here you can access numbers that can be used for phone calls, SMS and social media activation.

These numbers fall as low as 1 euro per month if you select the annual plan. After completing the transaction, you can find your purchased numbers in My Products then My Full Numbers.

Here’s  how to activate WhatsApp using the Numero USA Full Number you just got.

— Select your language,

— Then click Agree and Continue.

— Change the country code to plus one which is USA Country Code.

— Then in this field or box, you are required to put in your new USA number without the initial one because we already did that in the Country Code section.

–Click Next to continue.

— Then click OK.

At this point, WhatsApp sends an SMS to your new USA phone number and you need to go to the SMS app within the Numero app to access this SMS and retrieve the WhatsApp code that is needed to verify your new WhatsApp account.

Put the code there and WhatsApp will automatically verify your new USA WhatsApp account. And that is basically how easy it is to get a new USA WhatsApp account with Numero.

Watch The Video Tutorial Below For More Details 👇

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