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If your smartphone is slow, if it has a cracked screen, if the battery doesn’t last and if the camera can’t take decent pictures, then it’s time to upgrade to the latest flagship device.

You might not have the money to buy a flagship device but do you know that your bank can help you buy the smartphone of your dreams? Yes or no?

Yes, your bank can buy that phone for you. I’m sure you didn’t know this. A number of banks have a Package known as Device Financing. Yes?

Alert by WEMA has that. And you can see this from Access Bank too. What’s the benefit of this? With this, you can lock in the price at the current, whatever price it is as at the time you want to buy it. So as you decide to buy that phone in January, and you have that agreement with your bank.

Instead of waiting till July, because the price will have increased because of, you know, Naira doing like this. You woul’ve locked in the price and you can pay small over time. That’s how they buy phones abroad.

So yes, your bank can finance your new device. So go to your bank and ask for their vendor if they are using a vendor or get a pro forma invoice and take to your bank. You can thank me later.

Watch The Video Tutorial Below For More Details 👇

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