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Dear Android user,
Have you been thinking of how to buy another phone? Maybe your phone is hanging. Maybe you type on your phone and it did not respond to you the way you like.

Let me tell you the latest things to do to make you will enjoy your phone.

Although you can buy another one to support phone but that one let me teach you how to do something. You will thank me later.

— First thing to do is to go to your phone setting.

— Then go to About Phone.

— Then look for Stuff Square Information.

— Then look for Build Number. That is where you want to work on.

— You tap on that Build Number seven times until you see this thing “Developer mode has been enabled”

— Click on It You and click on the number two

— So after click on it, you have to scroll down until you’ll see Animation.

— Go down until you see Windows Animation Scale. click on it,

— Turn it to scale five.

— Click on that one to square five. That three of it is square five.

— Then you come out, come and see miracle that work done.

Anything you click on, it will answer you immediately. In case you are using Infinix, you don’t see about phone. Just go to phone device, then you start for Build Number.

Watch The Video Tutorial Below For More Details 👇

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