In a significant development, the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) and the Trade Union Congress (TUC) have officially suspended their nationwide strike. This decision follows successful negotiations with the federal government concerning the long-standing minimum wage dispute. Both unions have been advocating for an increase in the national minimum wage to reflect the rising cost of living and inflation rates affecting Nigerian workers.


During the negotiations, the government agreed to review and adjust the minimum wage, addressing key demands put forth by the NLC and TUC. This breakthrough is expected to bring relief to millions of Nigerian workers and their families, who have been grappling with economic hardships. The suspension of the strike signals a positive step towards improving the welfare of the Nigerian workforce and fostering better labor relations in the country.


The new minimum wage is expected to be implemented soon, with detailed plans and timelines to be announced by the government. This development has been welcomed by workers nationwide, who had been preparing for prolonged industrial action.


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