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Best Songwriting Apps for Android and iOS in 2024

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For musicians looking to streamline their songwriting process, 2024 has brought a suite of powerful apps for both Android and iOS platforms. Here are the top picks:


1. Songwriter’s Pad:

This app is designed to assist songwriters with everything from lyric writing to recording melodies. Its built-in rhyming dictionary and thesaurus make finding the right words easier than ever.


2. Notion:

Combining powerful music notation with audio playback, Notion is ideal for composers and songwriters who need to transcribe their music. It supports various input methods, including MIDI keyboards and handwriting.

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3. BandLab:

A versatile music creation platform, BandLab offers tools for writing, recording, and editing songs. Its collaborative features allow musicians to work together remotely, making it perfect for band projects.

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4. Lyric Notepad:

Focused on lyric writing, Lyric Notepad provides a clean interface for jotting down ideas and organizing them into verses and choruses. Its rhyme and syllable count features help ensure lyrical precision.


5. GarageBand:

Exclusive to iOS, GarageBand is a comprehensive music creation app that allows users to record multiple tracks, add effects, and mix their songs. It’s an all-in-one studio that’s perfect for songwriters on the go.

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