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7 Yoruba Movie YouTube Channels to Watch Latest Yoruba Films (2024)


Yoruba movies are a significant part of Nigerian culture, offering rich storytelling and vibrant performances. Here are seven YouTube channels to watch the latest Yoruba films in 2024:

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A leading channel for Yoruba movies, offering a wide selection of the latest films.


2. Yorubahood:

Known for its high-quality uploads, Yorubahood provides an extensive library of Yoruba films.

3. ODUNlade Adekola TV:

Featuring films starring the popular actor, this channel is a must-watch for fans of Yoruba cinema.


4. Okiki TV:

With a variety of genres and regularly updated content, Okiki TV is a favorite among viewers.

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5. LibraTV:

This channel offers a mix of classic and contemporary Yoruba films.


6. OlekuTV:

Known for its engaging content, OlekuTV features some of the best Yoruba movies online.

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7. AdenugaAtupa TV:

Offering the latest releases, AdenugaAtupa TV is perfect for keeping up with new Yoruba films.


These channels provide a rich array of Yoruba movies, ensuring that fans can always find something new and exciting to watch.

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