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If you’re applying for remote jobs, don’t make these mistakes. If you’ve been applying for remote jobs in 2023 and applying for maybe 100 jobs and 70% of the jobs rejected you and the remaining 30 do not even respond to you, these are the two mistakes that you might be making and you want to avoid them.

1: Now the first thing is
using generic resumes and cover letters for your job applications.
Now if you use ChatGPT to generate a generic resume and apply, recruiters are not stupid.

They are going to be able to figure it out and automatically reject your resume. What you want to do for example is go to the job description.

This is a job description of a senior Django developer at a company called Blue Square. You want to go to the requirements section and figure out exactly what are the skills that they need. In this case, it looks like they are looking for PostgreSQL as a database. Also looking for a Django developer.

Developer and you want to make sure that these are included in your resume every time you’ve worked with these technologies you mention them because that’s what The recruiter is going to be searching for when scanning through your resume now The second thing you definitely have to do is go to LinkedIn and search for the company So in this case, you’re searching for blue square and then you go to the company’s page

then go to the people and you’re going to find the person that is in charge of recruiting for this specific role. Now if there’s no technical recruiter then it’s most likely the CTO of the company if it’s a tech position and then you want to send them a message introducing yourself, talking about your experiences and exactly how you’re a perfect fit for the role and you want to do this after you’ve already applied so that you can notify them that you’ve applied and then they get to see your resume because there’s thousands of people and you really want to do this second step so that you can get noticed. So number one, make sure you’re not using generic resumes and number two, make sure to

follow up with 2 or 3 people from the company on LinkedIn so that you can get your application view.

Watch The Video Tutorial Below For More Details 👇

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